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Home for Wayward Parrots (The)

Darusha Wehm 978-1-988732-27-5 | 232 Pages May, 2018 Audiobook, Ebook, Fiction

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Accustomed to being an only child, adoptee Brian “Gumbo” Guillemot’s teenage hobby was searching for his birth parents. After years without a lead, when he finally finds his birth mother, Kim, he’s unprepared for the boisterous instant family that comes with her.

No one, besides Kim, knows anything about Gumbo's birth father. With Kim refusing to answer any questions, Gumbo must choose whether to continue the search, even if it means alienating his few friends and both his families. And the more he learns, the more he wonders whether some things are better left unknown.

Captivating and playful, The Home For Wayward Parrots explores friendship, romance, modern families and geek pop culture with wit, compassion and extremely foul-mouthed birds.


“A love song to late bloomers, eclectic families and all the assorted weirdos, hang-ups and half-understood stories that make up a life. And a poignant reminder that even in all our messy, neurotic, parrot-brained glory, we are also capable of beauty, grace and love.”

~ Greg Bechtel, author of Boundary Problems

"A bittersweet tale of eccentricity, delayed development and getting on with the messy business of life." full review

~ Sarah Murdoch, Toronto Star

"This novel should be devoured in a single sitting." full review

~ Megan Kuklis, The Fiddlehead