Icefields: Landmark Edition Launch!

Event Date: 
Oct 26, 2021

Join us at 7pm Mountain Time to celebrate the launch of Thomas Wharton's Icefields: Landmark Edition, hosted by Suzette Mayr! The event will have a reading followed by a Q&A. The official booksellers are Shelf Life Books and Glass Bookshop. This event will be held on Zoom and will be recorded. Register for the Zoom link on Eventbrite. The Zoom link will be emailed to you in the email confirmation from Eventbrite. Email if you have any issues.

About Icefields: Landmark Edition:

In 1898, Doctor Edward Byrne slips on the ice of the Arcturus Glacier in the Canadian Rockies and slides into a crevasse, wedged upside down nearly sixty feet below the surface. As he fights losing consciousness, a stray beam of sunlight illuminates the ice in front of him and Byrne sees something in the blue-green radiance that will forever link him to the ancient glacier. In this moment, his life’s purpose becomes uncovering the mystery of the icefield that almost was his tomb. Along the way, he encounters similarly fixated individuals, each immersed in their own quest: the healer and storyteller Sara; the bohemian travel writer Freya Becker; the entrepreneur Trask; the poet Hal Rowan; and Elspeth, greenhouse keeper and Byrne's lover.

First published in 1995, Thomas Wharton’s Icefields is an astonishing historical novel set in a mesmerizing literary landscape, one that is constantly being altered by the surging and retreating glacier and unpredictable weather. Here—where characters are pulled into deep chasms of ice as well as the stories and histories they tell one another—is a vivid, daring, and crisply written book that reveals the human spirit, loss, myth, and elusive truths.

This updated Landmark Edition includes an author interview with Smaro Kamboureli and an Afterword by award-winning writer Suzette Mayr.

About Thomas Wharton:

Thomas Wharton’s novels, stories, and nonfiction have been published in Canada, the US, the UK, France, Italy, and other countries. His first novel, Icefields, received the 1996 Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book in Canada and the Caribbean. His first collection of fantastical stories, The Logogryph, was shortlisted the International Dublin Literary Award. Wharton lives near Edmonton, Alberta and teaches creative writing.