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Trail of the Spirit: The Mysteries of Medicine Power Revealed

George Blondin 978-1-897126-08-0 | 192 Pages September, 2006 Indigenous, Non-Fiction

About this book

In this new collection of stories, Dene Elder George Blondin defines medicine power, a gift from the Creator for the Dene way of life. Although medicine power has existed since before time began, here Blondin focuses on the past two hundred years, to show how it has shaped the Dene culture.

Blondin explains the differences between the medicine power that some are lucky enough to be born with, and the medicine power that some receive after birth or are taught by other medicine power people. This collection of stories and examples of Dene individuals who lived throughout history shows that there is a danger of losing the longstanding tradition of medicine power. Although this power can be used for both creation and destruction, it must be preserved as a vital element of the Dene way of life.

In Trail of the Spirit, Blondin is our storyteller— bringing medicine power to life with true stories from Dene history. Blondin explains medicine power clearly, and brings a better understanding of this extraordinary phenomenon into the world. Includes a foreword by Richard Van Camp.