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Hunger Moon

Traci Skuce 978-1-988732-80-0 | 216 Pages April, 2020 New Releases, Ebook, Fiction, Nunatak First Fiction Series, Short Fiction

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About this book

Traci Skuce’s Hunger Moon is a collection of stories that echo with the yearning to be replenished, to be made full. Here are characters at cusp-points in their lives, attempting to shift their trajectories: to cease wrapping up heart's desire in a pink bubble by launching it into the universe. Some turn to ESP, some to a belief in ghosts, some to the future caught inside a glass bottle, each character taking the hackneyed adage “Follow Your Bliss” too literally when they blissfully follow their own storyline.

Emotionally charged, evocative, and lush, Hunger Moon’s thirteen short stories each set out on profound quests to satisfy an emotional hunger.

Discussion Questions 

1. In addition to being one of the story titles, how did the book’s title work for the collection as a whole? What other titles might you choose?

2. The end of “Promontory” is left relatively open—judging from the characters’ predicament, do you think they survive? Is there another possible ending?

3. Why does Tess remember wanting to go off with the kid thief at the end of “Elephant Shoe”? What does that desire tell her about herself?

4. “Hunger Moon” and “Because the Fall is in Two Weeks” are told in the second person. How does that shape your experience of the story? Do you think it’s an effective use of point of view?

5. In what ways is “To The Ravine” a classic coming-of-age story? And in what ways does it differ?

6. Did you find your understanding of Heidi informed by “Kick” as you were reading “Train in the Distance”?

7. What was your attitude towards the aimless characters in “Destination Scavengers”?

8. Claudia, in “Bliss and a Boy I Once Loved”, is motivated to find ‘bliss’ in her life. Do you think she—however briefly— actually achieved it? Why or why not?


"Traci Skuce's impressive debut collection, Hunger Moon, places her in the ranks of those short fiction writers whose work I embrace and celebrate. Sentence by sentence these thirteen stories introduce a voice as original and assured as the tales she tells. Poignant, beautifully crafted and deeply imagined, this is storytelling at its best."

~ Jack Driscoll, author of The Goat Fish and the Lover's Knot

"Re-imagine the lives of girls and women. Feel again our fear of a violent child who stalks us, of our mindless abandonment to bodily sensation which may or may not blight the rest of our lives. Remember also when our fierce loyalties were betrayed. Witness these lives depicted like a slo-mo train wreck which cannot sever our need to depend on someone, even if that someone turns out to be our own selves."

~ Caroline Woodward, author of Light Years: Memoir of a Modern Lighthouse Keeper

"All senses are fully engaged in Hunger Moon, an honest, unflinching and riveting collection. The characters within these well-crafted stories, whether children, twenty-somethings or young parents, are struggling, like most of us, to navigate the tricky, unreliable territories of familial and romantic love. Read these stories and be transported back to the age before internet, to tree planting camps and lakeside holidays, to relentless heat and longing in both near and distant corners of the world, as characters wrestle with transitions and loss and come to a deeper understanding of what it is to be human."

~ Julie Paul, author of Meteorites and The Pull of the Moon

"Skuce has an obvious ease with language, and she writes with confidence.... reading these stories, it’s easy to see why they found favour with the editors of literary journals in Canada and the U.S." full review

~ Heather Graham, The Ormsby Review