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Gangson and Were the Bees

Andy Weaver Book Bundle 8 - Gangson and Were the Bees | 224 Pages December, 2017 2017 Holiday Book Bundles

About this book

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About Gangson

Gangson is about aesthetics and culture, both personal and impersonal. It’s about language and politics, and the politics of language.

Gangson is also about violence. Violence shapes societies and places. Violence writes histories, defines movements, and constructs meanings. In the series of poems at the heart of this collection, Were the Bees author Andy Weaver examines how aggression and manipulation are as equally responsible as politics and language for how societies come to be defined.

Employing experimental techniques such as cut-ups and chance-generated poetry and drawing inspiration from the classic turn-of-the-century criminal study, Gangs of New York, Gangson presents a new way of thinking about the politics of survival and the bestial nature of man.

About Were the Bees

Were the Bees is an innovative collection of poetry from a fresh Canadian voice. Andy Weaver explores the boundaries of the poetic form to create a playful yet sincere examination of what language means to us. Were the Bees blurs the line between personal lyrics, experimental sequences, and ghazal poetry; the result is a lively, well-crafted collection of crisp, modern poetry in the tradition of Robert Kroetsch.

“Weaver listens with an itching ear, catches the smallest sounds. He steps into words to have a look around, calls out in the commingled voices that mark the music of his passing. Weaver takes chances only a lover would risk in the perilous journey to speech. He is a talented and painstaking poet and this is a special book.” ~ Dennis Cooley, award-winning poet

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