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Bix's Trumpet And Other Stories

Dave Margoshes 978-1-897126-18-9 | 256 Pages October, 2007 Short Fiction

About this book

  • Winner of the Book of the Year and City of Regina Award at the 2007 Saskatchewan Book Awards!
  • Shortlisted for the Best Short Fiction at the 2008 ReLit Awards!

Dave Margoshes explores uncharted territory of the human heart in this thoroughly engaging new collection of short stories.

Like a small boy fascinated with bugs and frogs, Margoshes, a journeyman storywriter, holds his characters up to the light and lets them squirm. His characters are content with their ordinary, somewhat humdrum lives until they are shaken by unexpected stress: A woman learns her likeable stepfather was a secret pornographer; an overheard boast of infidelity sends a marriage and a life into freefall; a middle-aged musician, satisfied with his place in the orchestra’s second violin section, begins to re-examine his life when he discovers a long-buried family secret; winning a contest tests a friendship in an unexpected way; a surprise visit tilts a budding love affair over the edge; a teenaged girl finally comes to terms with grief when she swims in a lake named for her father.

Bix’s Trumpet and Other Stories offers surprising glimpses into people’s lives, challenging us to observe the world, and life around us, a little more closely.


"These stories pulse with the details of everyday life. They are sensitive and affectionate and empathetic in the finest sense.... [Dave Margoshes’s] writing is detailed and sensitive and his insights are strikingly memorable. This is a very fine book by a very fine writer."

~ Alistair MacLeod, author of No Great Mischief

"Bix’s Trumpet is a terrific book of stories, a wry, wise, generous, and lovingly detailed vision of the human comedy. Dave Margoshes is one of a kind, a wonderful writer, deeply congenial, one of my favourites."

~ Douglas Glover, author of Elle

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