Miggs Wynne Morris

Miggs Wynne Morris was born in North Wales and arrived in British Columbia in 1963. In 1965 she accepted teaching position in the tiny, isolated Dene community on Great Bear Lake, NWT. As a result of those three amazing years spent among the Dene hunters and trappers, as well as a return visit to much-changed community, now called Deline, in 1995, Return to the Drum - Teaching Among the Dene in Canada's North was born. Miggs has spent the last 8 years sharing her personal experiences and stories about the resilient and hard-working Dene to dozens of educational, church and other groups throughout S.W. Ontario.

 An educator for most of her life, Miggs has worked with students of all ages as a teacher, consultant or principal in Wales, B.C, NWT, Nunavut and Ontario. However, she still considers her experiences living and teaching in the Arctic between 1965 and 1972 to be the most interesting and significant period of her life. Since retiring, she has also been very involved with various First Nations organizations in the London area. She currently lives in Ontario.