Don McTavish

Throughout his thirty-seven-year career, there were few areas of the trucking business that Don McTavish -- born story-teller and renowned joke-teller -- was not involved in. After telling many wacky and comical anecdotes, McTavish was convinced by his friends and family to publish his stories, and for many years he had a regular feature in the popular trucking trade magazine Highway Star called “This Ain’t No Bull.” He went on to publish two best-selling books through NeWest Press - Big Rig and Big Rig 2  - novels that are filled with entertaining accounts of the trucker life.

Of all McTavish’s stories, readers particularly loved the one about the two little old ladies who were stuck in the snow and rescued by Don, who loaded their small car onto his empty trailer and drove them into the nearest town. When the word got out, he was hailed as a hero at the local café!

McTavish was born in Calgary, Alberta, and is now retired with his lovely wife in Vancouver, BC.